For qualified buyers in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, laundry focused financing is available to support your acquisition needs.

Contact us to discuss Acquisition Financing options.


Finance up to 65% of the valuation of the coin/card laundry or 65% of the selling price, whichever is less. Value of the coin/card laundry is based on a detailed analysis of the utility bills, trailing twelve months EBITDA from Profit & Loss Statement. coin/card laundries typically are valued at three to five times trailing twelve months EBITDA. We recommend that all buyers work with a local accounting or financial professional in making their decision to purchase.

Acquisition & Retool

Finance the purchase of an existing location with the purchase of new equipment. Finance amount to be determined on a case by case basis for qualified customers.

Multi-Store Ownership

Utilize the equity in an existing coin/card laundry to facilitate a new store development or existing store acquisition.